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In this section our Company(DIIMS Pvt.Ltd.) provides you with the most efficient and preferable way to hire and contact any particular services from professionals like Engineers for building projects, Architects for designing, day-to-day workers/motia for day to day household activities and other works to enhance your lifestyle. This service also provides local services like bhraman for chanting, poojari for feasts , palas and others for spritual and other ceremonies, the company allows you to select local services according to your preferences be it Goura or Meitei/metei. The company also allows you to chose services for different and various purposes from household work to big company projects with just a click away. Our goal of this service is to provide you with the best options and the best services possible with just one click from your device from the comfort of your house. Please click in the link and select your interested services from our various and skilled service providers. Please do explore our "Hire and Contact" section and see how can we help you with! Thank you!